Google TV’s YouTube app rolled out some new upgrades this past week. The new updates focus on helping you find the content you’re looking for as well as content that suites your interest. One of the changes they’ve made has been in regards to the search function. Now, instead of only being able to search through content, you can also do a direct channel search to find a channel you are looking for.  Another change is that the Youtube app will also offer recommendations for content that is related to what you are watching, but might not necessarily be something that you’ve already shown interest.

Here’s what ReelSEO has to say about some of the other changes going on with the youtube app:

A couple other things they added this round are variable bitrate streaming so the app and YouTube will determine the best resolution and stream and then switch to a lower one if need be to keep your from having to rebuffer the video so that’s an extra user experience bonus.

Finally, the inevitable march toward a one portal GooTube has made its way to Google TV. You will now be able to +1 videos right from the Google TV YouTube App.

So if you’ve got a content channel the good news is that people can now find your content more easily on Google TV. That might not mean much right now, but as they continue to expand their partnerships and integrations it could be a very big thing in the future.

Source: YouTube for Google TV Gets Personalized Discovery +1 Social
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