If you are really looking to engage the visitors that come to your site, you want something that will catch their eye and keep their attention more than a block of text with an image or two. Videos are a great way to really get visitors interested in what you have to offer, especially if your visitors are looking for ways to fix a problem. Videos also help you build rapport with the viewer. You connect and build trust with a video. Let the visitor see who you are and “like” you. They will be more willing to give you information (such as on your contact form with your call to action).

Videos are a great way to enhance the look and feel of your website without detracting from the quality or keeping you from getting our message out. Make sure that your videos are not too long unless you are instructing your visitors on how to do something that takes a good deal of time. At that point you may want to consider chopping the video into a series of short videos instead. For information relay, the best videos are quick, informative and attractive.

Remember, you don’t have to be on camera. You can have a narrated slide show or a slide show with music as well. Or perhaps hire someone else to be in the video. Lots of options to consider with having a video on your website.