What is the best browser?

Without a question, four of the most popular Internet browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Internet browser, Safari. The main difference from one browser to the next lies in how they process code. Some browsers, like Chrome, are built for speed. Others, like Firefox, are designed to be highly customizable. Among these four browsers, Safari may be the most efficient, while Firefox is generally considered better at handling code errors and problems while loading a web page.

When talking about speed, Safari and Chrome are leaders of the pack. Both of these browsers are extremely fast, with the Internet browser from Google edging out Safari by a tiny bit. However, Safari can handle some situations that Chrome cannot handle and is not as easily overloaded. In a comparison, both of these web browsers clearly outperform Internet Explorer and Firefox. Firefox is further bogged down by the huge amount of add-ons that most users install.

In regards to market presence, Internet Explorer is probably the most widely used Internet browser, simply because of the fact that it is installed by default with the Windows Operating system. However, Internet Explorer also has the greatest amount of security vulnerabilities among these four browsers. There is a large amount of malware that is designed to take advantage of security problems with Internet Explorer, as well as malicious Browser Helper Objects that exploit well-known problems with this Internet browser. As Firefox becomes more popular, it has also suffered from these security issues, although still not to the same degree. Safari, being an Apple product, is much safer against malware than the other three Internet browsers.