Viral Social Media

Viral Social Media Vs. The World

Social Media is constantly changing how we live, what we purchase and who we trust.  Recently, it’s proven how it can change how we watch television.  In 2007, NBC began airing a show called “Chuck”.  The show is a charming drama/comedy/action about a geeky guy who has all the government intel stored in his brain and his journey towards becoming a super spy. Unfortunately, due to low ratings, the show has been threatened with cancellation more than a couple of times. So, why hasn’t Chuck seen the end of his spy days?  He has been saved more than once through the power of social media and the love of his amazing fans.

The story goes like this: TV Ratings are based solely off of  homes that have Nielsen boxes and many of Chuck’s fans both in the U.S and overseas felt left out of the count and decided to show NBC just how much they loved Chuck.  Out of this the we give a Chuck campaign was born. Every Monday, Chuck viewers would “Melt Down” Twitter with tweets not only to NBC, but to all of the companies who advertised on and during the show. Each tweet donned their trademark #NotANielsenFamily hashtag to show NBC just how many Chuck fans there are and how loyal they could be.  Fans tweeted companies who advertised on Chuck their thanks, often sharing pictures of themselves with the promoted products and it wasn’t long before the companies began to tweet back.

Companies like Honda, Johnson and Johnson, and Pepsi cheered for Chuck and were happy to know that their advertisements were working. Super Shuttle even offered a limited time discount for Chuck fans wanting to use their services.  Fans were recently rewarded with the news that Chuck would be returning for its fifth and final season. While victory is bittersweet, fans are glad that their favorite show will receive a proper ending, rather than stopping at season 4’s finale entitled “Chuck VS. The Cliffhanger”.


Viral Social Media Vs. Your Hometown

The interesting aspect of this viral social media campaign is that it embodies the benefits of Social Media Marketing and isn’t something that only works on a global or even nationwide scale. In fact, viral social media can do wonders for local businesses.Viral social media is definitely the new word of mouth. The more that people enjoy your product or service (or TV show for that matter) , the more they are going to vocalize. In the world of social media, this could include anything from simply “liking” your page, sharing a link with their friends, “checking in” with programs such as Foursquare or Facebook places,  or tweeting something about how much they love what you do.  Take charge and talk back!  Socialize with your fanbase and they will tell you what they want, whether it be another season of Chuck or more seasoning on their chuck roast.  There has never been a better time to interact with your customers because it’s never been easier than tweeting something like: “@Fanofmybusiness Glad you enjoyed our product! Did you know that we also …”

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