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Buying Reviews Will Hurt Your Business

Reviews are incredibly important for your business. However, it is equally important that you get your reviews through honest means. Yelp recently followed through with a sting operation to catch businesses who were buying their reviews through Craigslist ads.  By responding to Craigslist ads  that were posted by businesses looking to pay users to […]

Power of the Internet- Olive Garden review goes viral.

After Marilyn Hagerty reviewed a new Olive Garden in her town, her article became viral. Check out this news clip from ABC  below:


Reviews can be the deciding factor for many people as to whether or not they visit a business.  Could you imagine how much it would hurt a business if a negative review of them […]

Are you Paying Attention to your Online Reputation?

Your online reputation is as important as your business. The most vulnerable thing about online reputation is that it can easily be tarnished. It is thus imperative that you maintain the online goodwill of your business as much as you would do with your offline reputation.

The Internet is filled with review sites that offer […]

What’s Your Online Reputation

Do you know what your online reputation is? You may have claimed your Google Places and perhaps even set up some of your directory listings but do you occasionally check your directory listings to see what your online reputation is? You may be surprised.