Mobile Marketing Benefits

There are countless benefits you will get when you use mobile marketing. Among them are the following: Large audience – due to the large number of mobile subscribers, mobile marketing works at a reasonably advantageous position since large numbers of people

Video Gets Results

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting with your online presence or if you are  mature in your Internet marketing, video will help your web presence faster than anything else. I have clients who have come on board with me that have zero marketing going on. Many have needed new websites, pretty much […]

Why You Need Good SEO

SEO is not something that you can overlook if you want to get found on the Internet. It is not enough to have a great website. After all if no one can find you what good does it do you? That is where having solid SEO comes in- both onsite and offsite SEO. What […]

What’s Up with Google Plus

We were all intrigued and somewhat attracted to the mystery of Google Plus. Waiting for someone to invite us to join their circle so we could join the ever-exclusive social media
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Text Message Marketing for the Holidays

So let me ask you, what are you doing to prepare for your share of the holiday business? Is this the year you consider adding mobile text message marketing?

What Should I put in My Videos?

 If you are confused about what type of information to put in your videos, there are several different things you can do. You could consider what your frequently asked questions are; you can’t go wrong with answering those questions.

You could look inside YouTube and see what are popular topics in other cities. Although some […]

.com vs .net

In evaluating .com vs.net., let’s consider what search engines think. In terms of search engine optimization, there is no difference between using either a .com or a .net domain. Search engines weight both equally. As long as a website conforms to SEO practices,
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Are you Really on Page One?

Recently, a couple of people have told me that they thought their business was on top of page on of Google. No I hated to burst their bubble, but I knew that wasn't the case

Are You a Mac or PC?

If you have heard a Mac Vs. PC debate, it was something along the lines of Mac users accusing PC users of not stretching their imaginations enough and taking in someone else’s less-than-creative idea of what a computer should be. PC users on the other hand will say...

An Overview of Google Docs

I realize a lot of people may have some confusion over what Google Docs. is and what you can do with it and the benefits of using Google Docs. I thought I would do a two-part series to offer a little more information
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