Twitter BookMy good friend, Traci Gregory, who I like to call the Queen of Twitter has a vast amount of social media knowledge. Traci was one of the first people who got started with iFrames when Facebook moved away from FBML earlier in the year. She put all of her expertise on iFrames in an eBook tutorial and released it in a private forum for Internet marketers where it had record breaking sales and reached over $15,000 in revenue.

Now Traci has done it again with her new eBook tweet*ease which I was fortunate enough to review. Now let me say I am not a novice on Twitter, I have over 11,000 followers myself, however,  I learned so much more from reading Traci’s eBook and can”t wait to put some of these ideas in motion.

When I first started on Twitter nearly two years ago, I bought other eBooks and researched best practices but honestly I never found any one source to be as comprehensive with as many actionable items as Traci has. Additionally, there have been so many changes in Twitter (no surprise there as all social media seems to have it’s never ending twists) that it is almost a full-time job keeping up with each platform and their changes. Whether you are a newbie to Twitter or a seasoned veteran, I promise you will not be disappointed in tweet-ease.

If you want to check out tweet-ease, Traci is even giving away the first chapter for a Tweet. Here are the contents of chapter one: 


This 50-page comprehensive guide will get you volumes ahead of where you are no on Twitter. Everyone can learn something from this book. To order tweet-ease or get the first chapter for a Tweet, please visit:

How To Twitter – Tweet-ease

If you would like more information on Traci Gregory, you can check out her blog at Traci Gregory. Thanks Traci for giving us such great and useful information. What a great way to start off the New Year.