Ah elections, seems like there is always something to vote on. I asked my son today if he knew who the president was of his sixth grade class. He said he didn’t think there was one. Well, I’m sure there is as we get started pretty early here with political offices, even down to the elementary level. With social media such a powerhouse with every day news and events, it seems only natural that it will play a big part in upcoming elections.

Obviously, access to information changed for everyone with the Internet. Especially when you got your first computer in your home. Most folks are far more computer literate now and Internet savvy than they were ten years ago. If you want to know something about anything or anyone, you Google it. If you want your friends opinions, you check with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will be interesting to see how many discussions, groups, pages and more pop up over politics over the next few weeks and months. It will be even more interesting with each new election era to see how it changes as well.

Here is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal. What are your thoughts?

When Will Social Media Elect a President